Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The Raiders Camp

The Morning after the raid on Greenest, the party is approached by Governor Nighthill, he asks the party  to find out some information for him, he wants to know the following:

  • Where the camp is located.
  • How many raiders there are.
  • Who are the leaders.
  • What is motivating these attacks.
  • Where they plan to strike next.

As the party prepares to leave, they are approached by a young monk by the name of Nesim Waldara, he tells the party that he is looking for his master, another monk that goes by the name of Leosin Erlanthir. He tells you that Leosin has been investigating the "Cult of the Dragon for months, and believes this cult is who is behind the attack on Greenest, and fears that Leo may have been captured.


By following the tracks leading out of Greenest, the party is able to find the Raider camp without much trouble. After "sneakily" dealing with the guards the party is able to infiltrate the camp. Once inside the camp they are able to aquire the information requested by Governor Nighthill, they are able to find Leosin the Monk, and after a close call involving a certain Gnome, the party learns that someone by the name of "Mondath" is in charge of the camp.

Greenest in Flames
Raid on Greenest

The party is traveling along the road when they spot a large force of Kobold's marching, After some deliberation on what to do, the party decides to play it safe, and follow the kobold's at a distance. By following the kobold's the party is led to the city of Greenest, which is currently under siege by a large force of kobold's and what appear to be cultists. 

The party is able to save several villagers while making its way to the Greenest keep to assist with the towns defense. Once inside the keep, the group meets Governor Nighthill and Castellan the Red who is the master of the keep.

While defending the town the party is able to save more villagers, and were also able to save the town mill as well. This mill was vital to the town as it is where all the grain to feed the entire populace is stored. 

During the siege, a large blue half dragon challenges the "champion of Greenest" to a duel. If no one challenges him, he will execute multiple prisoners from the town. (insert name here) challenges the half dragon and loses, luckily the half dragon honored his word and released the prisoners. (Insert name here) was lucky to have survived.

At the break of dawn the attackers leave the city with multiple prisoners and all the valuables they were able to round up in the town. 


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