Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The Raiders Camp

The Morning after the raid on Greenest, the party is approached by Governor Nighthill, he asks the party  to find out some information for him, he wants to know the following:

  • Where the camp is located.
  • How many raiders there are.
  • Who are the leaders.
  • What is motivating these attacks.
  • Where they plan to strike next.

As the party prepares to leave, they are approached by a young monk by the name of Nesim Waldara, he tells the party that he is looking for his master, another monk that goes by the name of Leosin Erlanthir. He tells you that Leosin has been investigating the "Cult of the Dragon for months, and believes this cult is who is behind the attack on Greenest, and fears that Leo may have been captured.


By following the tracks leading out of Greenest, the party is able to find the Raider camp without much trouble. After "sneakily" dealing with the guards the party is able to infiltrate the camp. Once inside the camp they are able to aquire the information requested by Governor Nighthill, they are able to find Leosin the Monk, and after a close call involving a certain Gnome, the party learns that someone by the name of "Mondath" is in charge of the camp.



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