Antonis "Moloch" Montanis

In his late 20's, Tiefling Sword Mage with Red skin, Black hair, black eyes and rams horns


AC 16 HP 30 Level 2 Fighter/ Level 1 Wizard
Skilled in Archery Moloch wields a long bow for ranged attacks, and in the off chance he misses his mark, He has the Montanis family long sword “Little Friend” with a shield to dispatch his foes. And when that fails he uses the bit of magic he has learned along the way in his travels.


A group of Dragonborn had been harassing local farmers and collecting “protection money” and crops. they had a bad season so Molochs father and brother tried to negotiate with the dragon born but it turned violent. They rather die by the sword rather than starve to death. Moloch being a young tiefling was playing in the crop field when the fight broke out. the farm house burned to the ground and the Dragonborn sacked the farms before returning to where ever they came from. Moloch never knew any of their names or what organization they may have been affiliated with, he was only 6 or 7.
He figured out at a young age why his family avoided going into towns unless it was absolutely necessary. Even as an orphan he wouldn’t push his luck with all the distrust his race brings. He stumbled upon a dark wizard, an Elf who wore Black robes. Despite the fact that black robes indicate evilness, having been used to being an outcast himself he took pity on Moloch. Moloch could never figure out if Dalamar actually enjoyed his company or if he enjoyed the rage the young tiefling had, and wanted to use it for his own gain one day. But unfortunately Dalamar was captured one day by a couple of ogres who were hunting for food and never saw him again. It was Dalamar who taught Moloch an introduction into the arcna world. Dalamar saw great potential in Moloch and believed that he would have great power one day.

Hated Enemies: Dragon/ Dragonkin

During the Sack of Greenest Moloch found a minor magical item. An angel feather that produces a seemingly endless supply of white powder. Moloch is of some what of an experimental mind and in the process of determining if this powder could be used as a spell component, he tasted the powder. The rush of endorphin’s was absolutely amazing! He felt as if he could travel for days on end with out needing any sleep! After the rush was over however Moloch was drained of all energy, and had to resist another dose. And that feeling of need gave him an idea. This could be sold as a medical item. Unending Energy to the highest bidder. He took some to the infirmary and let a patient try it. He then sought out an unsavory fellow in town and sold 2 vile’s. This along with the honey pot that has a seemingly unending honey supply could make a very potent mead. This could also be used in the brothel, what a better way to enhance your experience?!

Antonis "Moloch" Montanis

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